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The Resolution Tarot Deck is Copyright, anyone wanting usage rights for the purpose of non-commercial usage can contact me, telling me what the cards are to be used for and if its applicable I will give you written permission to use them for your illustration’s. Under no circumstance can the cards be used for the reproduction of an actual deck of cards, that is limited to myself and those with permission to use them for commercial purposes.

Resolution Tarot Deck

This is the original self-published artist's edition.

Size 70mm x 120mm

Paper Card

Glossy Surface

Tarot of Resolution is an unusual but easy to read Tarot Deck.

Designed and Copyright by myself for my own personal use as a tarot reader.

This Deck isn’t available anywhere else except from me. The cards have a serious side with a hint of humor. Often Tarot cards lack meaning within the cards so it was thought to keep the serious side within the cards, but at the same time reflect the lighter side of life as well as the serious implications that some of the cards represent.

Each card has a high quality lacquered finish on both sides allowing them to be easy to shuffle and deal without any sticking together like many cheap cards, making them very durable with constant use.

The cards come with the little book of Resolution and interpretations which may be helpful as a quick reference in reading. If nothing comes to mind when you look at the card, you can use it as a starting point. But it should not limit you from finding your own meanings by looking at the card illustrations and interpreting them as a symbolic story.
The cards say it all without words
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